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Traditionally, corporations that utilize staffing to fulfill hiring needs bear the steep financial burden and uncertainty of what is an effective but dated model. The staffing price model charges a fixed percentage (roughly 20%) of the successful hire’s first-year salary. To further illustrate one of the deficiencies with this model, the average salary of a tech employee is just over $100,000. If you hired 4 of these professionals, the cost would be the same as employing a 5th worker.

Recruiting as a Service (RaaS) is a solution that is perfectly suited for start-ups, small businesses, and any company that needs to make a tech hire without the large price tag. Small and newly created businesses may lack the resources to compete with industry giants for quality hires, but RaaS combats that gap. RaaS will deliver top talent at a fraction of the cost and you’ll never pay a placement fee.

The subscription economy is disrupting all traditional business models!

From SaaS and Netflix to Spotify and The Dollar Shave Club, the subscription economy lives and dies by the ability to focus on the customer. Subscriptions for technology products, food, movies, and more are changing the way we consume. It is easier, faster, and less expensive. RaaS is simply a delivery model that makes staffing easy and cheap for businesses of all sizes. We use the same recruiting databases, technology platforms, and expertise needed to hire the right talent. RaaS utilizes American recruiters with local tech talent networks that are assigned to fill the positions of your company like an in-house recruiter, but for a fraction of the cost.

Starting at $900/month, this service is customized to fit any need. Your monthly price depends on the type and volume of candidates needed. Services can be dialed up as a business grows or dialed down when roles are filled. RaaS solutions dramatically reduce cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, and provide a far greater return on investment.